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CortoMobile - Jambalaya

Montiano, historic center - 30th of June

Diaz Square - 6.00 - 12.00 pm
Opening night in the historic center of Montiano: from 6.00 pm to 12.00 pm the projection of short films with free entrance in CortoMobile, the smallest cinema in the world "à la carte". This cinema, which was created by director Francesco Azzini, can only fit two people at a time, who can comfortably enjoy the view from the back seat of a vintage car (a '74 Alfa 2000). Web Video

Diaz Plebiscito - 9.45 pm

At 9.45 pm a Mediterranean Ska-Jazz concert will be held by the Jambalaya, a unique band which will give an enthralling performance by creating an exotic mix of the original New Orleans jazz sound, ska, folk, reggae and funk, that reminds us of the "Jambalaya" a typical Louisiana dish, a symbol of the meeting of different cultures. Entrance: 5 Euros. Web Video

The main program of the festival will take place as usual in Magliano in Toscana.

7th of July - 9.45 pm
Ginevra di Marco (Toscana)
Donna Ginevra e le Donne di Magliano

The first night of this year's edition of the Vox Mundi Festival in Magliano, will be completely Tuscan: Ginevra Di Marco will present for the first time in Italy "Donna Ginevra e le Donne di Magliano" an original production in which the Florentine singer and the folk music lab-choir, made up of 20 women from Magliano in Tuscany and directed by Carla Baldini, will reinterpret songs and stornelli from the Tuscan tradition with a sense of belonging and a bit of irony. Web Video

14th of July - 9.45 pm
La Cumbia Chicharra (Colombia)
The night will be dedicated to Latin music with La Cumbia Chicharra a wonderful orchestra ...


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