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Un assaggio di Maremma

A taste of Maremma
As it is tradition at the Vox Mundi Festival the price of the ticket will include the tasting "Assaggio di Maremma", which is to say a toast with the artists at the end of the concert. After the splendor of sounds and dances coming from different and far away cultures, the wines and products of our
land will take the spotlight!

Saturday, 11th July - 9:30 pm
Follonica - Open sky theater "Le Ferriere"

Canzoniere Grecano Salentino: "Pizzica indiavolata"

Sponsored by:
LaSelva - prodotti da Agricoltura biologica

Saturday, 25th July - 9:30 pm
Follonica - Fonderia Leopolda Theater
MoZuluArt: "Mozart meets Zulu Music"

Sponsored by:
La Novella - prodotti tipici di Maremma






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