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Piazza a mare

Vox Mundi Festival 2014 - 8th Edition

"From the hills to the sea"

After seven years spent on the hills of the Maremma hinterland, the Vox Mundi Festival is moving
to the sea. The seaside town of Follonica, crossroads of different cultures, will be hosting the
eighth edition of this Festival dedicated to the music of the peoples of the earth.

The program of the Vox Mundi Festival 2015 includes six shows, from the 9th of July to the 8th of
. A multicolored kaleidoscope of sounds made up of Irish music, African rhythms, Classical,
Ethnic, Gipsy music, Pizzica… once again, this year many "Voices of the world" that will let us
taste, compare and appreciate sounds and cultures coming from every corner of the globe.

Vox Mundi Festival is promoted by the Municipality of Follonica and is part of the festivals of
excellency of Tuscany within the online project "La Maremma dei Festival".
Carla Baldini is the artistic director and Stefano Frosolini is the coordinator within the Music
Association Soul Diesis.

The venues

Four shows of the Festival - with free entrance - will be held in the central square "Piazza a mare"
which has always been the heart of the town, with the stage only a few meters from the sea. The
other two, with ticket, will be held within the open sky theater "Le Ferriere" and in the brand new
theater "Fonderia Leopolda".

Vox Mundi Festival 2015 Videos (by Francesco Frosolini)
9th July - FullSet
11th July - Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino
18th July - Namvula
25th July - MoZuluArt
30th July - Vocal Sisters
8th August - Baro Drom Orkestar

Vox Mundi Festival 2015. Official Video

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