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Pamela villoresi, DdM + Elida Almeida

Wednesday, 26th July - 9:30 pm
"Donne che cantano le Donne"
Pamela Villoresi, one of the most famous and beloved Italian actresses, will be special guest in the new production of the all-female choir "Le Donne di Magliano"; Villoresi will be acting in counterpoint to the choir in a show called "Women sing Women", that is a series of popular songs, stories and original tunes about some noticeable Tuscan women such as Norma Parenti, the unlucky Pia de' Tolomei, the legendary Beautiful Marsilia and Brunetta Scotti, the latter being the first Italian woman allowed to work as a physician, in the late Twenties. Video

Saturday, 29th July - 9:30 pm
ELIDA ALMEIDA: "African Identity"

Elida Almeida, "a stunning new talent" as the prestigious world music magazine "Songlines" described her, is a Cape Verdean singer.
Even though she is only 24, Elida is an internationally estabilished singer whose latest hit, "Bersu d'Oru" is considered an icon of the newborn movement supporting the claim for African Identity. Some of her songs, such as "Nta Konsigui", have gained more than 2,5 million visualizations on the web.
Her second album, "Djunta Kudjer" ("Let's put our Spoons Together!") was released in 2016 and is an invitation to friendship, solidarity and love. Web - Video

Wednesday, 2nd August - 9.30 pm
FORRÓ MIÓR: "Musica Popolare Brasiliana"
According to "Le Monde", Forró Mior is one of the most famous and inspired Forró band, playing the typical "forró pé de serra". "Forró" originated in rural Northeastern Brazil as a kind of couple dance with a very joyous, upbeat music. Then, around the 1950s, it moved southward into the major cities including Säo Pao and Rio de Janeiro, where it picked up some samba and salsa inflluences. Accordion, guitar, zabumba and triangle melt together in an irresistible rhythmic groove, great for dancing.
The band plays traditional forró combined with milonga, cumbia, calypso, samba, latin jazz. Since its birth in 2014 the group has been successfully exporting Forró all around Europe.
Web - Video

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