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The Territory
We are in the Maremma (from Spanish "marisma" - swamp), the southern part of Tuscany, an
ancient land, rich and fertile in Etruscan and Roman ages. After the fall of the Roman empire a
gradual decline eventually turned the land to marshes. It was known as "Maremma Amara" (Harsh Maremma): a vast stretch of swampland almost inhabited, a land "burned by the fever and the sun".
The Maremma's rebirth is recent history: the reclaim of these lands started in the 19th century, with the Lorena family, and malaria finally disappeared as the repopulation began.
This peculiar historical path miraculously preserved Maremma to this day: a unique fresco
counterpointed by extraordinary natural beauties and precious ruins of a millennial history.

Principina a mare
Principina a mare
is a tourist area of quite recent origins, plunged in a beautiful pine forest.
The pine forest brings directly to the sea through a vast sandy beach. Walking southward, after a few beach resorts, you will find the protected area of the Natural Park of Maremma, which comprises one of the most beautiful and unspoiled coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The coast is scattered with several picturesque "capanne" (huts) that local and foreign people have made using wood logs washed up on the beach.
In 2017, for the 19th year in a row, Principina a Mare has gained the prestigious prize "Blue Flag", due to its water quality, land management, safety and emergency services.










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